Hello and welcome to my life.  I created this blog to share everything that I am passionate about in the hopes of inspiring my readers to be fearless in the pursuit of passion.

My birth name is Roxana but I answer to many names.  My sisters from another mother call me Rosy, my friends call me Rox or Roxanne and my mom calls me Shashi.  Besides that, I am known around the house as Babe or Momma.

I have been married to my first love for 28 years, we have two kids Brandon 25 & Alex 22, seven dogs, a home in the Ranches, another one on the way and two thriving businesses.

I am passionate about my marriage, passionate about my kids, our babies (The Frenchie’s) passionate about my home and passionate about my businesses.

I have many roles and titles in this life of mine but one thing that I am not is a “writer”.  Writing and Grammar were never my forte.  So here is my first disclaimer.  I am not a professional writer!  I am however passionate about writing.  I’ve been journaling for ten years and written easily over 10,000 pages.  Writing is what got me to this page today.  To be honest, one of the hardest things I’ve had to write thus far is this “About” page. I usually go on writing for pages and pages without putting my hand down but sharing it with the world is a whole other story.  I hope to grow through this endeavor in the hopes of changing even one person.

I look forward to sharing my passions with you.