Winging it!

I am on my third day “blogging” and I feel as if I know less than I did when I first got started.  I feel so alone in this so-called Blogging world.  I wish I could snap my fingers and there be someone next to me that can just tell me what to do and how to do it but I have chosen to go about it the hard way.  I have chosen to do this on my own and figure it out (wing it) until I get it done.  This is how I have managed to get things done my entire life.  When I don’t know what I am doing, I dive in and I wing it.  I truly don’t believe this is the right way to go about it but it is my way. 

You see, whenever I am passionate about what I am doing, I dive in head first.  Nine out of Ten times it has worked out for me.  I’m not saying it has been easy but it has been worth it.    I’ve put myself through the School of Hard Knocks and I graduated “summa cum laude”.  Today I feel as if I walked back in to a class where the professor speaks Chinese and I speak Sign Language.  We’re on complete opposites of the spectrum

Just to give you a little history, my husband and I have been in the property management, preservation & maintenance industry since the 90’s.  Our first company incorporated in 1999 and successfully sold in 2006 and our current company opened in 2006 and is still chugging along today.  My husband and I like to call it, The Little Red Engine That Could. 

Speaking about the Little Red Engine that could, back in 2006, I got a call from a new and prospective client.  She wanted to know If I can handle the work load that she was about to send me.  Knowing the business, the way I do, I knew there was no way that we could physically handle the work she was going to send me but back then I would get calls like hers every day and none of them would pan out so I said Yes.   I winged it!  Move forward 6 years and as of 2012 this client had given me over ten million dollars’ worth of work & best of all they are one of our dearest friends today.  We’ve vacationed together several times and we visit each other’s homes every year.  What an amazing connection!

In 2013, I get connected with a large asset management company.  I’ll never forget that day, I was at a tile store picking tile for my daughter’s bathroom and I get the call.  The client we’ll call her “E” is going on and on about the scope of work that is required for all 2500 properties in their portfolio and I am politely listening to everything she is telling me knowing deep inside that we’ve never done this type of work before & I had no idea how we were going to manage this.  Nonetheless, I said “Yes, no problem, send them to me and we’ll get them done for you!”  I winged it!  This call lead to over three million dollars’ worth of work in a year and half.

In 2015, I get a call from one of the branch managers from the above company that had left said company and started working with another asset management firm.  He called me up one day and said “Hey, remember me? ” I knew this was going to be a good one.  His new position managing 200 assets and several Section 8 Housing buildings lead to another two million dollars’ worth of business.  I had never worked on Section 8 Housing before and learned so much from this new venture.  I winged it!

“Winging it” has worked out for me with flying colors but it hasn’t been easy.  It was the will, hard work ethics and most importantly the passion behind it that lead me to where I am today.  So here I am “winging it” this time with a venture that is completely out of my realm in the hopes that it inspires you to “wing it”.   Do it with passion or not at all!